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The History

The history of the mansion can be followed right back to the year 1672, when the Family von Rieben handed over the possession in Kotelow to Henning von Oertzen. At first he shared the estates and the manors with his brother Victor Sigismund. After Sigismunds death the property was passed on to his son Arndt Heinrich. He is supposed to be the builder of the manor house. The baroque building that is situated amidst an ample park was newly erected after a disastrous fire in 1733. The new single storied baroque house was built with a base foundation and an attic roof. The political and philosophical soirees held at the Jagdschloss were regarded as the highlights of the social life in those days.

In this way the house attracted circles that intended to devote their time to common interests, to be in contact with each other and to listen to the music that was performed here every now and then.

It is obvious that the true value of time was appreciated here very early.

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