Jagdschloss Kotelow –
Where times comes to a rest.

Of course times does not entirely come to a stand still at the Jagdschloss Kotelow but the light – hearted moments you could be spending here would most likely evoke this impression. Already in 1733, the year it was built, the tradition of leisure and aesthete found its way into the baroque Jagdschloss. Spending valuable hours in the circle of family and friends was pure luxus then and now. We enjoy continuing this wonderful tradition. It was our wish to unite the charachter and values of a private home with the convenience of personal care taking. In this spirit, our house ist open to guests having a special requirement for recreation – people who enjoys days of relaxation in an idyllic landscape and evenings at the fireplace with a glass of good wine. So in case you intend making a trip into an inspiring region, we would highly recommend a stay at our Jagdschloss. You will experience time as a period of eternity.

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We offer accommodation in nine very individual romantic double-bedrooms with baths attached. We ourselves furnished them caringly with antiques …

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Your private celebration

Larger family celebrations like jubilees and weddings can be held at our place. The very special atmosphere at the manor house will add a festive, …

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How to reach us

The distance between Kotelow and Hamburg is a 2,5 hour drive and between Kotelow and Berlin a 1,5 hour drive by car. The private Airport Anklam is 20 minutes away and the Airports Rostock, Lübeck und Berlin are well within reach.


Tel.: +49 39 60 72 65 70
Fax.: +49 39 60 72 65 71
E-Mail: info@jagdschloss-kotelow.de

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